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Take-Home Tooth Whitening: Hydrogen Peroxide

Perfecta® REV!®

15 minutes, when a day to a whitest smile!

REV it up!

Perfecta® REV!® take-home whitening treatment is a revolutionary task which delivers optimum whitening inside just 15 minutes, when a day.

Revolutionary 2-Step Process

Step 1 - REV! Gel This patented 14% hydrogen peroxide formula provides proven whitening results1 with all the shortest wear time of any specialist whitening product. REV! solution is water based to hydrate the teeth because it whitens plus to avoid thermal sensitivity naturally.

Step 2 - REV! Finishing Rinse This refreshing mouth rinse is formulated for utilize instantly following REV! solution.

Specially buffered formula instantly accelerates the breakdown of the solution into its active components, providing an added boost to the final whitening impact.

Rinsing securely removes residual solution from teeth plus any soft tissue.

Contains an advanced shape of Vitamin C that promotes healthy teeth plus gingiva.

Contains Pentasodium Triphosphate, a sequestering component which helps you to “lift plus remove” enamel stain.

Alcohol-free, cool mint taste that leaves the mouth clean plus refreshed following each treatment.

Less sensitivity than the leading Strips.2 Delivers optimum whitening.

EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany.

1. Clinical Review of Bleaching Efficacy of Two Different Systems, Sheila Koh, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston - Dental Branch, December 2004.

2. Crest® Whitestrips® Supreme

ARM & HAMMER plus Advance White are registered Trademarks of Church & Dwight Company. / Crest plus Whitestrips are not trademarks of Premier Dental™

Six REV! Patient Paks (4000142)

Every Pak Contains:

Six REV! Refresher Paks (4000141)

Every Pak Contains:

One 3cc syringe with 4oz (118.3ml) REV!

Finishing Rinse

Perfecta® Bravó®

20 minutes, when a day!


Shorter wear time - 25 minutes, when a day

Proven quicker results1 for improved conformity

Patented water-based 9% hydrogen peroxide solution

84% less wear time – for two-week treatment

Superior whitening, avoids sensitivity

1. Clinical Review of the Bleaching Efficacy of Two Different Concentrations, Sheila H. Koh, D.D.S., F.A.G.D.UTHSH-Dental Branch; Esthetic Professionals- Dental Materials plus Technology, July, 2002.

Value Pak is economically priced. Please ask the authorized Premier dealer representative for details.

Bravó Value Pak (4000093)


24-3cc syringes - enough whitening information for six people

Dispensing tricks, individual instructions with shade guide

Doctor instructions

Cosmetic individual pouches. We add trays plus tray instances.

Bravó Patient Pak (4000092)


Sufficient information for complete 2-week individual treatment.

4-3cc syringes with dispensing strategies

Patient instructions with shade guide

Doctor instructions

Cosmetic individual pouch, tray information plus tray case

Bravó 50

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