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We are inside the company of marketing teeth whitening supplies wholesale to teeth whitening experts plus people that are interested inside getting their teeth white at the greatest cost accessible. 15% restocking fee for non faulty returns.

If you have issues regarding a teeth whitening proceedures or should you are not getting the results we think you really need to, contact you. We can provide we guidance plus way about everything from whitening solution to right proceedures to receive the many from your client's see. We are professional in: Lowering the treatment bills. Improving a bottom line. Selling gels plus mouth trays at discounted costs you'll not discover elsewhere. Equipment sales. Furniture, fixture sales plus shop design plus shape. Company plans plus advertising. Lease negotiations plus competitive analysis for break points before per centage rents kick in. One stop store for all the whitening requirements. Feel free to contact us: RedCarpetSmiles@tx.rr.com 16826 Park Hill Drive .........Dallas, TX. 75248......... 469.231.9319

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